World-Class London Architects Design and Build Your Dream Home

Here at Integrate Homes in London, UK – we offer, not only the finest residential architects and designers in the country- but we will give you more power in the design of your home than you probably ever thought possible. How?

With our state of the art mood board and visualization process, we can survey your responses to a virtually unlimited number of material, design, color, use-of-space combinations to discover the ideal atmosphere for you. From there, our architects and designers sit down with you to discuss the ideal home you have in mind. We will go over sample images, color swatches and more until both you and our team are satisfied that both you and we know exactly what you want.

From there, our London architects will create draft sketches and blueprints and submit them for your approval. You’ll tell us what you like, what you don’t and we’ll come back with a revised version. After the approval process is complete, we will design and build your dream home.

You’ll be presented with detail drawings of specific spaces before and as they are built to ensure they are completed with care and precision in accordance with your favored concept. You’ll also see detail drawings of doors and windows, joinery items, special and features elements such as entertainment cabinets, fire places, and more.

All of these documents and images will be used to obtain correct construction quotes from the area’s top construction contractors. This is our time-tested and proven way to ensure that you get the final product you are looking for and that both time and money are conserved.

With Integrate Homes, you get full creative control over the process as architects and engineers work to deliver the home of your dreams.

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