Comparative Study of Brick Facades over Wooden and White Render

Household exteriors these days are turning out to gain immense importance. The reasons are plenty, as pitched by numerous users today. In the first place, exteriors are always considered to work as a shield from external elements and natural calamities. With designs and lavishness peeping in, people have changed the way they look over these elements. To perform the exterior designs, there are three commonly used materials in the UK: bricks, wood, and white rendering. All of these have their share of vicissitudes.

Comparing the Materials

· Framework Setup:

o Wood: In the case of wood, the exterior has the highest value for being aesthetically good. The texture quality is something, which comes up with the material. This is one reason why wood scores over others. With more money to spend on, some of the top wooden alternatives such as Mahogany and Teak are to consider.

o Brick: It adds to the vintage beauty of the house, which again is a matter of choice among the owners. The sophistication factor comes with high-quality bricks, which adds to the elegance of an independent property. Therefore, while talking about a material with the best finish, bricks are indeed a good deal.

o Rendering: It is arguably the most sought out forms of exterior designs, which is chosen by a large mass of people. Rendering has great advantages over the previous two materials mentioned. With rendering, the colour scheme is dependent on the owners to choose, which brings in more variety to the property. Rendering process also promises to render to be the cheapest among the trio.

· Thermal Resistance:

o Wood: Wooden frame has a good thermal resistance level, which gives a great plus point.

o Brick: Thermal resistance levels in the brick-based framework are good for places with extreme climatic conditions.

o Rendering: With all credits to the structure, this has the best thermal resistance among three, which comes with adaptable features. For an instance, with rendering, this is weather resistance and can hold up for a long period.

· Maintenance Costing:

o Wood: With some of the most expensive framework required, the irony, however, is the maintenance cost is lowest among the lot.

o Brick: Brick is easy to maintain forms of material, however, with age, the wear and tear of the same make the maintenance expensive.

o Rendering: It is the most expensive material and often increases recurring expenses for the owner.

Finally, with all these materials available in abundance, it is completely up to the owners to decide and purchase the ones, which will suit their house.

Mehran Gharleghi


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