Comparison between Wooden Frame, Steel, and Concrete Construction

While constructing buildings or apartments, numerous minor points make a big difference at the end. Of course, with proper planning and understanding, the designs can be made with different materials as per the owners’ choice. However, like any other concepts in the world today, three most commonly used, i.e. wood, steel, and concrete have their vicissitudes. Owners, who plan to design a house using frames, should understand the overall nature of all the materials used. For educating people about these materials, here is a small comparative study. This will clear the air for people with similar issues.

Trivia and Aspects

· Cost Effective Materials: According to the study is concerned, precast concrete flooring was comparatively cheaper than its counterparts were. With the abundance of raw materials and lesser time to prepare, concrete materials are low-cost frame alternatives than others.

Although in the past, wood and steel frames were cheaper. However, concrete has a greater durability over these materials and ages without giving any sort of signs of wear and tear.

· Thermal Response Test Conducted by ASMI: According to the test, the results showed results,

o Concrete: With its robust structure, topped the chart of being a safe material for constructing a frame.

o Steel: Steel has a great response, which falls marginally shorter than what Concrete can deliver.

o Wood: Finally, the lightest among the trio has a lesser thermal bridging and durability.

· Framing Structures:

o Wooden Frames: Despite having an abundance of availability, the timber based product is cheaper when it comes to having lower initial costing.

Wooden Frames can be used in enhancing property aesthetics. With different variants available, the costing of wooden frames suddenly shoots up with innovative designs.

Lesser Carbon emission is one of the greatest advantages, which has left people to opt the product over others.

o Concrete Framing: Concrete scores on being the most durable among the 3 frame components, comes with a long-last guarantee.

Concrete has larger abundance among the three, which makes it one of the cost-effective materials for usage.

o Steel Framing: The greatest plus point of using steel based frames is the sustainability factor. With steel frame reducing excessive wastes, the product can be recycled.

With framework processing done under the machine, this reduces labour costing, which is a big point to consider while constructing properties.

To put it up in simple words, all the three materials have their own positives over others, which promise the owner to choose the most appropriate among the lot.

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