How To Use Colours In Internal Spaces

Painting is the last item that completes the building. Assigning the least importance to paint might spoil the elegance of the home. Simply do not settle down for any light neutral paint colours for the heck of it. The appropriate colour combination could make an exciting impression. In fact, you can alter the perception of the room size, shape, and the ambience with perfect paint choice of either light cooler colours or dark warmer colours. Here are the few tips for the right choice.

Ceiling Painting

In case you feel the room size is small, you can opt for a lighter colour for the ceiling which creates an impression of a higher ceiling, and the room appears more spacious. Alternatively, painting the exterior spaces like the porch with light blue colour can create an illusion of a large room. On the other hand, if the room is larger, you can opt for a darker colour ceiling than the walls to reduce the room size smaller in appearance.

Choice of Wall Painting

Lighter colour painting makes the room appear larger. Similarly, when you use different colours, your eye stops where another colour takes over. Therefore, the perception of the eye is more apparent when you use either colour depending on your choice to tweak the perception.

Altering the Shape

If you have long walls with lesser width, you should go for darker colour painting on the shorter walls to make the walls nearer. This would minimise the rectangular shape of the room.

You can trick the bare very large walls with proper moulding. You can choose a darker colour to the bottom space and a light colour painting to the other space.

Enhance the Visual Interest

You can fool your eyes by vertical stripes or stencilled accent to appear the room height higher. Likewise, you can increase the length of the room by painting horizontal stripes.

If the entire home is smaller, it is wiser to opt for the same colour painting so that the eye does not notice the small space.

Furthermore, a saturated hue with balanced softer neutrals is a good idea for small internal spaces.

You can create an illusion of a larger space with a combination of gray and blue shades. Any light colour to the walls, trim and the ceiling also does the trick.

Any small room painted in light neutral appears cosy and appealing without the much elaborate colour scheme.

Similarly, choosing a cloud gray colour painting is ideal for a small living room, which also enhances the size of the room.

The right colour combination for internal spaces can alter the perception without spending a fortune!!

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